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The South Korean rapper's video for Gangnam Style has reached one billion views, according to YouTube's counter. It's the first time any clip has surpassed that mark on the streaming service owned by Google. The self-deprecating video features Park Jae-sang's giddy up-style dance moves. The video has been available on YouTube since July 15, averaging more than 200 million views per month. Justin Bieber's video for Baby held the previous YouTube record at more than 800 million views. Earlier this month Google announced Gangnam Style was the second-highest trending search of 2012 behind Whitney Houston, who died in February.

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ћод MobCages - добавит в вашу игру возможность приручать мобов, которые будут находитьс€ в специальной клетке, из которой они не смогут так просто сбежать от вас.

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altHave you ever come across icon images? Or may be you don’t even know exactly what are they? Under icons we understand predominantly small graphic images or pictograms. Mainly All Icons are widely used to assist users. They have a general look of standard file. But you can also create your own special icons of any kind with the help of particular software program which helps to produce image in appropriate ICO format.


As for the size of icons it may vary. It depends on the application the icon coupled with and may be 60X60, 48X48, 32X32, 24X24, 16X16 and 15X15 Icons pixel images. Besides as for the colors any icon image must have 16 or 256 hues...

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altToday a great deal of people earns money with the help of I-net. They work out sites and fill them every day. Do you wish to know how to make your site outstanding among the list of other domain names?  How to add a bit of zest to it?


It is very simple indeed. You can add images or small pictures known as Ad Icons to the URL domain name founded in the list of other site addresses. It allows you to make your portal more appealing and unique among the rest. There is no problem in adding icon to the portal address. More problematic is the choice of the image you want to apply. Firstly you should look through address icons used by other sites in order to avoid replication...

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altAre you ready for the holiday for all romantic souls in the world? No? Then hurry up to prepare for it! Do not be upset if you did not find your love last year, because we all have love inside of us, so the question is only where we find someone to share it with. 

If you use Myspace, Facebook or Livejournal you can mention some traditional changes connected with this incredible holiday, almost every user changes its avatar up to this date. Do not leave behind this wonderful celebration - select between Aim Icons your own St. Valentine’s Day icon or create your personal one up to this date...

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altWe think you have already acquainted with icons, their notion and purposes of their appliance. You surely know that there is a great deal of them according to the aim of their usage. They can be A-I-M Icons, Emotion, Favicons, moving patterns and so on. But today we are going to make you acquainted with one more icon type. It is well known as Buddy icons. This icon kind is used mainly in many instant messaging (IM) programs in such as America Online Instant, Yahoo Messenger and Microsoft Support Network Messenger. The icons of this type can be used in any format as BMP, XBM, GIF, ICO or GIF. As for dimensions they are more frequently images of 50x50 pixels...

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altAny person who connects himself with Net knows definitely what the word “icon” means. Under icon we understand as a rule graphic denotation of files or programs. Icons bear signed character and used mainly as designators. They are small in size but overall with respect to the information they bear. 

Icons can be of different types depending on the aim of their usage. It can be thematic icons, to make some topic like “Music” or “Medicine” more visualized, Aim icons, used generally as site indexes, emotional icons, known also as emoticons, applied mainly in forums and blogs for making communication more alive and vivid. One more type of Advanced Icons is used generally for files or any programs designation. Today we are going to regard exactly this kind of icons...

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altYou know, that icons, small pictures representing different objects, files or programs, became widely used today. But they can be subdivided into several subclasses. To the first one belong icons, which represent files or computer programs. The other class consists of special icons, which represent your emotions. They are called simply Emotional Icons. The increasing number of computer users applies these bright images very often nowadays. With the help of them people can share their emotions, feelings, show their moods and spirits...
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altWe are sure that during school classes you have heard about such words as synonyms, antonyms and homonyms. First word we use when we want to replace the initial word to something similar, second word stands for opposite meaning of initial word and the third we use when we find different meanings of initial word that by spelling are quite the same.


As we usually talk about All Icons, their types, way of use and creating so today we will touch the word “Icon” itself and discover what other definitions it has...

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altDo you have profile on any social network like MySpace or Facebook? Or may be you’ve created your own website? And now you want to display yourself? It is very easy indeed. You don’t need much time in order other people can see you. Here icon collage or your own Bank Icons can be very helpful. There is nothing difficult in such collage creation. Besides it can be used not only for viewing. You can apply it as background of your profile or set it on your own portal...


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altOne of the first 10 questions people can ask while creating their first icon design or simply learning this subject is the next one: “Why so many icons were done in bitmap format while vector format guarantees all sizes of an object?”


So as we believe that among our readers we can find a lot of new comers in icon styling that is why let us first learn general information about bitmap and vector formats.


We can guess that this file was done in bitmap format if it ends with “.jpg”, “.png”, “.tiff” and others. Bitmap format means that this file is based on pixels and as we remember pixel is a small square of light and our screen is nothing more then a plenty of pixels gathered together...

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altEverybody makes mistakes, the main thing is to have time to correct them before the beginning of work. So today we discover what main 10 mistakes can make people while creating icon design of the web page, we hope this knowledge will help you to make your icon design in the right way.


So first mistake people usually do when they have to work with little icons, such as 15X15 Icons, and it is quite clear that in this case icons can look very similar. The only correct way out of this situation is not to leave behind the legend of every icon that will help people when they will turn cursor on them to find out what icon they see right now...

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